A Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) was set up during the first month of the project aiming to link the Sustain-COAST consortium with its broad network of members. The SAB will recommend on possible dissemination routes, advise on formats for research outputs, and help brainstorm challenges that are identified during the project and spot science opportunities for the project team. Participation will include informal telephone and email communication with work package leaders, attendance to occasional meetings and participation in the main meeting of Sustain-COAST with comments or suggestions on reports and papers developed by the project members.

Below is the list of representative organisations of Sustain-COAST (SAB):

Prof. Abderrazak Souissi

Former General Director of the Tunisian planning and hydraulic resources equilibrium

Prof. Souissi passed away.


Mr. Vangelis Constantianos

Executive Secretary/Regional Coordinator at GWP - Mediterranean


Dr. Nicola Lamaddalena

Head of the Land and Water Department at CIHEAM - Bari Institute


Mr. Almotaz Abadi

Managing Director/Senior regional cooperation Expert at UfM Secretariat


Dr. Federico Julián Fuentes

Director of Ambienta (Private Spanish company)


Prof.  Mehmet Ali Mazmanci

Professor at Mersin university: Department of Environmental Engineering