The Wadi El Bey pilot site is located at about 40 Km at the south of Tunisian capital. It extends over a surface of 430km². It is boarded to the north by the Gulf of Tunis and theTekelsa Hills, to the west by the BouChoucha and the Halloufa mountains, to the south bythe Hammamet Hills, andto the east by the Abderrahman Mountain and the oriental coastal highlands. The main Wadi of this pilot site discharges into the El Maleh Sebkha, which is close to the MED Sea. This pilot site contains various industries operating mainly in the domain of textile and agri-food. Furthermore, it contains extensively cultivated superficies of citrus, oranges, grapes, and vegetables).

Specific problems

The site is threatened by various type of pollution due to the important development of the industry, agriculture and tourism activities. The main sources of pollution are urban as well as industrial wastewaters. Indeed, four wastewaters treatment plants located in the cities of Bouargoub, Grombalia, MenzelBouzelfa, and Soliman produce annually 4 million m3 of treated wastewaters. Unfortunately, due to the absence of a legal national water framework, large amounts of these produced wastewaters (>70%) are directly discharged in this local wadi. Furthermore, various industries discharge their inappropriately treated wastewaters in this wadi, which represents a serious threat on the shallow groundwater quality.

List of stakeholders

  • Public authority: BPEH (Office of planning and hydraulic balance of Ministry of agriculture, hydraulic resources and fishery);
  • ANPE (National agency of environmental protection);
  • Regional agriculture authority (CRDA Nabeul);
  • Local authority: Municipalities of Soliman and MenzelBouzelfa;
  • Water utility: ONAS (The national sanitation utility);
  • Water users’ associations: associations of farmers (GDA Sammach) and GDAof drinking water management;
  • NGO :Association d’environnement et de développement à Soliman ; Association la recherche en action (REACT) ; Amirat Development and education (ADEC)
  • Industries