Sustain-COAST was presented in Montpellier, France on 20 June 2019 during the PRIMA Kick-Off Meeting of 2018 Projects

PRIMA best ranked researchers and innovators in 2018 Calls, together in Montpellier on 20 June to illustrate and debate possible solutions to water-shortcoming and food transformations related challenges!

Sustain-COAST was represented by TUC. 

Sustain-COAST- Kick-off meeting, June 11th-13th 2019 in Chania-Crete, Greece

The kick-off meeting of the new PRIMA project Sustain-COAST "Sustainable coastal groundwater management and pollution reduction through innovative governance in a changing climate" took place on June 11th-13th 2019 in Chania-Crete, Greece. 
The overall objective of Sustain-COAST is to design and test innovative governance approaches to MED coastal water resources to improve their management and mitigate their pollution by creating new long-lasting spaces for social learning among multiple interdependent stakeholders, people, NGOs, and scientific researchers at four case studies located along the shores of the MED Sea (Greece, Turkey, Tunisia and Italy).