Living Lab Wadi El Bey Tunisia : 1st stakeholders meeting

The first meeting of the  “LivingLab wadi el Bey” was organized on January 07th, 2020 by the Tunisian team CERTE. It took place at Ezzahra town. The program has been planned for one day from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. This meeting was preceded by visits to the various stakeholders to present the project and to invite them to participate in the living lab meetings. It brought together 23 users and stakeholders among the 35 invited.  Different representative from local authorities attended the meeting: water users associations, innovation promotion agency, national sanitation utility, researchers, engineers, industrials, NGOs, farmers, rural women, municipality and official water management organisms and researchers.

At the beginning of the meeting, the participants were asked to present themselves and to display their motivations and expectations from meeting attendance. 

The meeting's program was divided in two main activities :

1- Building a common vision on resources and their uses in Wadi el Bey’s watershed

The main purpose of this activity was to familiarize stakeholders with their environment, to understand it, to re-explore it and to interact with it.

The expertise of the participants and their use related to resources of Wadi el Bey, each in his field, has created a significant complementarity in the exercise of participatory mapping

The stakeholders worked on a 2D map representing Wadi el Bey watershed and its hydrographic network.  They worked together to determine the phreatic aquifer limit, roads, location of industries, treatment plants, cities. 

They delimited according to their perception and experience, the irrigated perimeters and determined the land use and the industrial and urban discharge points. 

This activity was followed by restitution and discussion through it the stakeholders guided by the moderator classified their problems and their proposed solutions in a matrix that indicates the importance of the problems and the proposed solutions according to the stakeholders and to the decision-makers.

2- Common management

In order to more understand the perception of each stakeholder, the participants embodied each other's roles in a role play process and they got into a constructive discussion where each participant has expressed his positions and his vision for the future of the region. The stakeholders were very interactive. They were satisfied with the meeting and felt the importance of the problem and they insisted on the need to manage the problem by including all the intervening components, and they expressed their willingness to participate in the next living lab meetings.

 By Hatem Baccouche, Thouraya Mellah, Hanene Akrout

Meeting with Water Users’ Associations in Wadi el Bey watershed-Tunisia Agricultural Development Associations (GDAs)

On November 19thand December 12th, 2019, the CERTE team met with different representatives of water Users’ Associations in Wadi el Bey watershed (GDA Marja, GDA Turki, GDA Nianou, GDA Sammech) to present the Sustain-COAST project and to look at the mutual interests. During the meeting, the CERTE team emphasized the important role of farmers in the use and the preservation of water resources and presented the problem of the pollution of Wadi El bey and its impact on the mini ecosystem of the region. The Tunisian partner team sensitized the members of the associations of the importance of their involvement in the project by highlighting the crisis of water resources in Tunisia which is between the hammer of the rising demand of the water and the anvil of the scarcity of this resource.

For their part, the assosiations’ representatives showed a great understanding of the critical situation in the context of climate change that the world and especially Tunisia live. They presented their problems related to the pollution of Wadi Elbey and gave their perception to solve the problem.

They showed an interest in the project and were willing to be a positive and interactive actor in the project and the living lab’ meetings


Meeting with the NGO in Wed el Bey watershed-Tunisia Association of Environment and Development in Soliman (AEDS)

During the meeting  held on the 14th of November at the CERTE, Sustain-COAST Project has been presented to  the Association of Environment and Development in Soliman (AEDS).  The AEDS is active in the study project’s site to raise citizens’ awareness about environmental issues, contribute to preserve the ecosystem and to strengthen the values ​​of citizenship. The Tunisian team emphasized the role that may play the civil society in the project. Therefore,  the possibilities of collaborations between the Tunisian team and the NGO  within the framework of the project have been discussed. The AEDS representatives have shared their opinion about the local water resource use and showed interest to join the sustain-Coast project.  The two teams have agreed to participate in events organized by each other. For this purpose. The CERTE team participated on Saturday 16th November in the workshop organized by AEDS around the theme of  "Youngs and climate change" which is an activity of their project ' Flora-Wet".

By Hanene AKROUT, Thouraya MELLAH and Hatem BACCOUCHE

Sustain-Coast Tunisian team meets with Maghreb Tanning Industry staff, 5th November 2019

On November 05th, 2019, the CERTE partner team met with TMM staff (Tanneries Mégisseries du Maghreb) in the factory in Grombalia, Tunisia to present Sustain-COAST project and to look at the involvement of the industrial in the project.  During the meeting, the TMM staff has presented the enterprise as well as water management in the production process (discharges, recycling, water points, and consumption). The staff has denoted the standards followed, the problems encountered and, the planning for the activity development.

The issues related to groundwater management in Wadd el Bey watershed have been discussed. The industrial seem highly concerned about the critical situation of the groundwater. 

The TMM staff has underlined the successful former collaboration with the CERTE and has shown interested in collaboration with the  project team. The two parties agreed to have an agreement under the Sustain-COAST project that supports their collaboration.

By  Hanene AKROUT, Thouraya MELLAH and Hatem BACCOUCHE

Sustain-COAST- Kick-off meeting, June 11th-13th 2019 in Chania-Crete, Greece

The kick-off meeting of the new PRIMA project Sustain-COAST "Sustainable coastal groundwater management and pollution reduction through innovative governance in a changing climate" took place on June 11th-13th 2019 in Chania-Crete, Greece. 
The overall objective of Sustain-COAST is to design and test innovative governance approaches to MED coastal water resources to improve their management and mitigate their pollution by creating new long-lasting spaces for social learning among multiple interdependent stakeholders, people, NGOs, and scientific researchers at four case studies located along the shores of the MED Sea (Greece, Turkey, Tunisia and Italy).